The Vaxi Service Fee is a $10 fee associated with each vaccination at a Vaxi Drive-thru clinic.

Why is the booking fee different than Vaccine or Testing fees?

Vaccine and Testing fees are invoiced separately and will vary based on patient eligibility for MSP coverage. Booking fees are not related to individual services and are assessed for every vehicle that attends a Vaxi drive-thru.

If I qualify for a free vaccine, why do I have to pay an additional fee?

While the vaccine is provided by Public Health, the administration of the vaccine is complete by Licensed Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses & Licensed Practical Nurses. These professionals are not compensated by MSP for providing these vaccines, the $10 fee is assessed per vaccination supports compensating for the Nurses as well as the other non-vaccine costs associated with vaccine administration.

Is the booking fee paid per patient, or per vehicle?

Service fees are assessed per patient that receives services, regardless of how many vaccines or tests they receive.

What about Vaxi OnSite or For Business appointments?

Vaxi Onsite & For Business appointments are assessed fees based on booking size, location and time. Standard booking fees to do not apply to these appointments.

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